Wellness Committee Minutes

Wellness/Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee

February 21, 2019 Minutes District Office Board Room Members Present:

Aaron Bradford, Food Service GM
Marge Cody, Community Member
Jessica Miller, Parent 
Jessica Miller, Parent
Willow Shanahan, PE Teacher
Matt Ishler, Principal
Connie Smejkal, Board Member
Lisa Gideon, School Nurse
Kim Fry, Superintendent


Focus areas for 2019-2020

  • Encouragement of Free & Reduced Meal Application completion.
  • Continued promotion of breakfast participation.
  • Support Rochester Primary School to secure grant funding for a walking track.

Food Service Updates – Aaron Bradford, Food Service Manager
The following regulation changes were reviewed:

  • 49% non-whole grain (from 100%) The district will continue to serve whole grain bread.
  • Future 20 min. seat time for eating
  • Recess before lunch

Discussion occurred about the timing of the new requirements and the impact the changes will have on schedules, classroom instructional time and employee costs. 

The A-Z Salad Bar program is being extended to 6-12.  Last week was “F,” students had the opportunity to try a fennel and apple salad.

The Chef in the Classroom program will be starting at RPS soon.  Aaron will go in to class, read a nutrition related story and then students will have a fruit tasting.  School Nurse, Lisa Gideon volunteered to work with Aaron on this project.

Discussion occurred regarding staff and parent use of the So Happy App for carb counts and other nutritional information.

Review of Progress Toward Wellness Policy Goals
The committee completed a review of the district’s progress toward the goals identified in Policy 6700 Nutrition, Health and Physical Fitness.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • December 2, 2021