Dual Language Program

Dual Language Program in the  Rochester School District: Creating bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural learners

The Rochester School District offers an academically rigorous and enriching Spanish/English Dual Language Program at Rochester Primary School. Rochester's Spanish-English Dual Language Program, also known as two-way immersion, uses a 50:50 model. Fifty percent of the instruction occurs in English and fifty percent of the instruction is provided in Spanish. The program strives to balance the number of students in each class with half who are Spanish dominant speakers and half who are English dominant speakers. Social and academic learning occurs in an environment that values the language and culture of all students, ensures access to the same rigorous grade-level standards as their peers, and sets high standards to ultimately achieve academic success in both Spanish and English.

Our program will serve students in grade Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year, with expansion to 1st  grade in the fall of 2024-25. Additional grade levels will be added each year with plans to continue dual language offerings into middle school. Participation in the program is a long-term commitment. All RSD families are welcome to apply for the program during the kindergarten registration window.

Dual Language Program Goals

Students in dual language programs are presented with the social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism. They gain a second language, a broader vocabulary, and multiple views of the world. Rochester School District’s Dual Language Program holds the following goals:

  • Develop proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking in both languages—Spanish and English.
  • Achieve grade-level academic performance in Spanish and English.
  • Ensure bilingualism by taking advantage of the child’s primary years, which is the optimal window for learning a second language.
  • Provide students with an edge to prepare for college and professional work in the 21st century