Long Range Facilities Plan

The Long Range Capital Facilities Plan creates a solid foundation for the discussion of school district facilities planning issues and the challenges posed by growing or declining enrollments. It is intended to play an important but not pre-eminent role within an overall comprehensive district-wide planning process that also addresses curricular, community and individual student needs as they relate to district facilities and their use. The plan is designed to be revised as necessary to meet changes in the delivery of educational services, emerging issues that revise the timing of capacity projects, concerns over the long-term viability of interim housing in addressing capacity issues, or simply through the identification of better facilities planning solutions. Capital Facilities Plans do not limit the ability of the Board of Directors or Superintendent to make mid-course corrections in the trajectory of the district facilities planning effort. In the final analysis, decisions with regard to where and when new schools are constructed or remodeled will always rest with the Board, district leadership and the community at large.  The complete long range facilities plan is available to download below.

Long Range Facilities Plan 2019