Requests for Bids &Proposals

Current bid and request for proposal postings for Rochester School District are posted below.  Bid packets may be viewed online, printed and returned as instructed within the packet.  It is recommended to check back for addendum that will be posted on this page.

Bid & Request for Proposal (RFP)
Food Service Management Company Services

FSMC Q & A 5-31-2024

1.       Will questions be answered on a rolling basis? It is important to get your responses as soon as possible, so we can advocate for you internally and gain all necessary approvals within our organization.

A: Yes, questions will be answered as received. 

2.       How many copies (outside the original) of the proposal would you like us to submit?

A:  1 hard copy original and 1 electronic copy. 

3.       Please provide the Year End Food Service Program Financial Report for the 2021-2022 School Year as well as 2022-2023 School Year

A: See attached for 2021-22 and 2022-23 .

4.       To accurately project food service program growth and gauge opportunities by site, please provide actual USDA Meal Claims by school for the 2022 – 2023 School Year as well as the 2023 – 2024 Year to Date claims for any meals served for:

a.       National School Lunch Program

b.      School Breakfast Program

c.       Afternoon Snack Program

d.      SFSP/SSO Summer Meals

e.      CACFP

f.        Please provide the number of corresponding Operating Days, if the days are not listed on the Claim sheets.

5.       Please provide the USDA Commodity Allotment (including any bonus allotments) to use in proforma development for the upcoming year, as well as the allotment from last school year.

A: 2022-23 - $93,907   2023-24 $83,171 

6.       Is there any current equipment or smallware’s from the current FSMC that will be removed in the event there is a change on FSMC’s?

A: No.

7.       Projected Student Enrollment data by school for the 2025 through 2029 School Years.

A: No expected growth/reduction in the future.

8.       Please provide an Hourly Worker labor table for all food service workers during full operations (not under SSO) detailing whether the position is SFA or FSMC, the position’s title, the number of scheduled hours in a workday and the total number of workdays during a full Academic Year and whether that position has taken benefits.

a.   Please provide the hourly wage rate and benefits for these positions.

A: See page 40 of the RFP Document. Employees that work more than 28 hours per week are offered medical insurance. 

9.       Does the SFA provide vehicle(s) for deliveries to the schools or whether the FSMC must provide the vehicle(s)?


 10.   If applicable, please provide a copy of any current MOU between the SFA and any outside entities for which meals are provided.

A: N/A

11.   Please kindly provide a copy of the current FSMC contract renewal approved by the Board for SY 2023-2024?

A: See attached.

FSMC Q & A 6-11-2024
Does the district allow students at any of the school sites to eat off campus? If so, which campus (s) and what grade level.

A: No students are able to eat off campus. 
How many copies of proposals do you require? Would you accept a copy electronically on a thumb drive instead of a CD?

A:  One hard copy original and one electronic copy.  A thumb drive is acceptable. 
Would you kindly confirm which schools utilize hard, washable, and reusable serving trays for service and which schools use disposable?

A:   RPS and GMES use hard, washable, reusable serving trays.  RMS, RHS and HEART  use disposable.
Does the district provide delivery vehicles for transporting goods if as needed?

A:  Yes. 
Does your current contractor own any of the equipment and smallware’s? If so, would you provide a breakdown of what your contractor owns? 

A:  No. 
Would you kindly provide the last 3 years of audited financials including the food service fund reports for each year?
A: 20-21 Audited Financials, 21-22 Audited Financials, 22-23 Audited Financials. 2020-21 Food Service Report, 2021-22 Food Service Report, 2022-23 Food Service Report.
Would you kindly provide a breakdown of Free, Reduced, and Paid Lunch meals per school site for proforma development for SY 2022-23?


8. Are the current food service staff part of a labor union and if so, would you be able to share a copy of their CBA?

A:  No.
Would you share a labor schedule including food service employees per school site, hourly wages, hours worked per day, and days worked per year? 

A:   Please see page 40 of the RFP Document.
Would you kindly provide the current FSMC contract renewal approved by the Board for SY 2023-24?

A:   See attached.
If applicable, please provide a copy of any current MOU between the SFA and any outside entities for which meals are provided.

A:   N/A

FSMC Q & A 6-18-2024
1.The Pro Forma template states $4.55 and page 40 of the RFP states $4.57. Please clarify.
A: Please use $4.55.
2. Please clarify, how should bidders calculate the commodity allotment? Should bidders use $83,171 for the total amount or $0.30 per lunch?
A: Please use $0.30 per lunch.
2. Which NSLP reimbursement rate should be used by all bidders? Should bidders use high lunch or low lunch from page 38 of the RFP?
A: Please use high lunch reimbursement.

Small Works Roster and Professional Services Roster