Annual Governance Goals and Objectives 1810

Each year the board will formulate goals and objectives to guide effective board governance. The goals and objectives may include but are not limited to board functions of:

  1. Responsible school district governance;
  2. Communication of and commitment to high expectations for student learning;
  3. Creating conditions district-wide for student and staff success;
  4. Holding the district accountable for student learning; and
  5. Engagement of the community in education.

At the conclusion of the year the board will reflect on the degree to which it has met its goals and objectives by conducting a board self- assessment and engaging in board development activities where needed.


Cross References:      

Board Policy 1005      Key Functions of the Board

Board Policy 1820      Board Self-Assessment

Board Policy 1822      Training and Development for Board Members

Management Resource:

Policy News, February 2012 Model Policies Aligned with Washington School Board Standards

Adoption Date: March 10, 1999

Classification: Priority

Revised: 05/12