Model of Services & Curriculum

Model of Services

Rochester School district offers provides small group instruction by an EL teacher in grades K-5 and in class support by EL educational assistants in another part of their day.

Students in grades 6-8 are provided in class support by an EL teacher or educational assistant in some of their content classes. 7th and 8th grade students in need of additional support are provided an EL 1st period enrichment class to support language needs.

Students in grades 9-12 are provided in class support by educational assistants in some of their content classes and/or an additional period of EL production lab with the EL teacher to help support their core classes.

Teachers that serve EL students are also consult with the EL instructional coach and/or teacher(s) throughout the year.

Rochester School District uses the supportive mainstream of services for all EL students. EL students are assigned to general education teachers who have received professional development in instructional strategies for making content understandable to bilingual students.


The Multilingual Instructional Program uses the Rochester School District’s adopted general education curriculum as the basis of instruction during pulled out class support. Language Studio by Amplify and Academic Vocabulary Tool Kit by Cengage supplement those classes. The focus of instruction for EL students is on making curriculum more understandable through teaching content vocabulary and connecting new concepts to previous knowledge. In addition, for beginning English Language Learners, we use other curriculum to support the acquisition of basic social language.