Affirmative Action Plan

The Rochester School District No. 401 is committed to undertake Affirmative Action that will allow effective, Equal Employment Opportunities for staff and applicants.  In addition to a review of current programs, such affirmative action shall also include recruitment, selection, training, education and other programs.

This program is a directed, good faith effort to provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.  It is a comprehensive and planned effort by the Rochester School District to:

  • ¨Reaffirm the Rochester School District’s policy statement.
  • ¨Describe policy dissemination and establishment of responsibilities.
  • ¨ Identify barriers in the personnel management system that may limit the ability of applicants and employees to reach their full potential.   
  • ¨Implement programs that will accelerate progress.

The Affirmative Action Plan specifies the personnel procedures to be followed by staff of the Rochester School District and shall ensure that no such procedures discriminate against any individual. Reasonable steps shall be taken to promote employment opportunities for the classes that are recognized as protected groups; aged, handicapped ethnic minorities, and women.

This policy, as well as the Affirmative Action Plan, regulations and procedures developed, shall be disseminated widely to all staff, interested patrons and organizations.  Additionally, the Rochester School District’s commitment to avoiding discrimination in the hiring and promotion of disabled persons, and persons over age forty is reaffirmed.  The purpose of these commitments is to ensure the absence of discrimination in employment practices.  Each employee of the Rochester School District involved in the recommendation of hiring or promotion must be committed to ensuring that the recommendation is made without discrimination.  It is the responsibility of each individual manager to promote a strong commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity at his/her work site and throughout the Rochester School District.