Absence of a Board Member 1450

Whenever possible each board member shall give advance notice to the Chair or superintendent of his/her inability to attend a board meeting. A majority of the board may excuse a board member's absence from a meeting if requested to do so.

The board may declare a board member's position vacant after four (4) consecutive unexcused absences from regular board meetings, if the absences were for reasons other than: 1) illness 2) active or training military duty, or 3) those authorized by resolution of the board.

If the board member is on active duty or training status with the military, the board shall grant an extended leave of absence to cover the period of service or training.  The extended leave of absence may not have the effect of extending the board member’s term.  The board also has the authority to appoint a temporary successor to the absent board member’s position.  The temporary successor shall serve until the board member returns or the end of the board member’s term.


Cross References:      

1220 – Board Officers and Duties of Board Members

1114 – Board Member Resignation and Vacancy

Legal Reference:

RCW  28A-343.390 Directors-Quorum‑‑Failure to attend meetings

RCW 42.12.010 Cause of vacancy

RCW 73.16.041 Leaves of absence of elective and judicial officers

Management Resources:

2016 – July Issue

Policy News, October 2001 Law Grants Board Members Military Leave


Adoption Date: March 10, 1999

Classification: Optional

Revised: 02/02; 10/16