Minutes 1440

The secretary of the board shall keep the minutes of all board meetings. Minutes become official after approval by the board and shall be retained as a permanent record of the district. Minutes shall be comprehensive and shall show:

  • The date, time and place of the meeting.

    The presiding officer.

    Members in attendance.

    Items discussed during the meeting and the results of any voting that may have occurred.

    Action to recess for executive session with a general statement of the purpose.

    Time of adjournment.

    Signature of presiding officer and date minutes approved.

When issues are discussed that may require a detailed record, the board may direct the secretary to record the discussion. Audio or video recordings shall be maintained on file as follows:

  • If the recording is transcribed verbatim (word for word), the recording may be destroyed after one (1) year.
  • If the recording is only used as a reference to create written minutes, the recording must be retained for six (6) years.

Unofficial minutes shall be delivered to board members in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board and shall also be available to other interested citizens. Minutes need not be read publicly, provided that members have had an opportunity to review them before adoption.

A file of permanent minutes of all board meetings will be maintained in the office of the board secretary to be made available for inspection upon the request of any inter­ested citizen.


Cross Reference:        

Board Policy 6570 Property and Data Management

Legal References:      

RCW   28A.400.030 Superintendent's duties

RCW 40.14.070 Destruction of records

RCW   42.32.030 Public meetings‑‑Minutes

Management Resources:

Policy News, April 2010 Retention of Board Meeting Minutes


Adoption Date: November 23, 1999

Classification: Optional

Revised: 12/99; 04/10; 07/10