Administration in the Absence of Policy 1330

The superintendent and other staff to whom administrative or supervisory authority has been delegated shall be authorized to use their best judgment in the absence of a specific policy or procedure, provided that such action shall not be in conflict with the general aims and objectives of the district or with any local, state or national ordinances, statutes, regulations or direc­tives. In the event there is doubt as to the appropriate course of action or if it is apparent that the consequences could be serious, the staff member is expected to contact the superintendent or other administrator who could pro­vide appropriate assistance.

Whenever action in the absence of specific policy has been taken by a staff member which creates a potential for controversy or a potential for the incur­ring of district financial obligation or where the situation is likely to recur frequently, then such action shall be brought to the attention of the board at its next regular meeting. In situa­tions where a reasonable person could determine that the above actions taken by a staff member should be brought to the immediate attention of the board, the superintendent shall be notified and he/she shall immediately consult with the board chair as to the advisability of calling a special board meeting to review the staff member's action.


Adoption Date: March 10, 1999

Classification: Priority