Students on Governing Boards 1250

The Rochester Board of Directors recognizes the value of communicating with students and receiving their input and perspectives. To foster this relationship with students, the board will annually seat up to two student representatives as advisory non-voting members of the board.

Student representatives on the board are expected to attend all meetings. The student members will contribute to board discussion by providing student insight and perspective, serve as a liaison for the associated student body and report to students about the work of the board and district activities. Student representatives will not attend executive sessions, make motions or hold board offices.


Adoption Date: August 16, 2011

Classification: Discretionary


Term of Office

Student representatives will be selected by the ASB advisor and building administration to serve on the board. Each student representative will serve a one-year term beginning in July and concluding in June. After the student representatives are selected they will receive an orientation session provided by the superintendent (or designee) and a member of the board of directors.


The student must be entering his/her junior or senior at the time of selection and in good academic standing, and maintain good academic standing throughout his or her term. Selected students should also have a history of leadership and involvement in extra-curricular and civic activities.


Student representatives will obey all the rules and regulations pertaining to board members. Student representatives will receive copies of all regular meeting agendas, minutes and other relevant information, excluding executive session materials.

The board may remove a student representative during the term if he/she becomes ineligible or fails to fulfill their responsibilities. In the event of a vacancy arising prior to the expiration of the term, an alternate from the same school will be appointed by the school to fill the vacancy.

Date: 08/11