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    Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?

    How do you determine if your child is ready for school? How can you be certain that you are not pushing your child? Not all five-year old children, nor all six-year old children, are equally mature, and birthday age is not an adequate measure for determining when a child is ready to begin school. Being bright and being ready to begin formal school are two very separate issues. When children enter school before they are developmentally ready to cope with it, their chances for failure increase dramatically.

    The following are some helpful indicators you can use in reviewing your child’s readiness for kindergarten:

    Does your pediatrician, preschool teacher, day care person or other significant adult who knows your child recommend your child attend kindergarten?

    Can your child pay attention to a task at hand and persist long enough to complete the project?

    Does your child effectively interact with other children?

    Does your child leave your presence easily?

    Can your child sit still and listen while you read a story?

    Does your child accept discipline and limits?

    Does your child listen and follow directions?

    Can your child wait his/her turn for your attention?

    Does your child cooperate?

    Does your child dress independently, including shoes?

    Can your child take care of his/her toilet needs, including zipping and buttoning own pants?