Rochester Middle School

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Communicating with the school office regarding absences and bus passes is important.
Attendance Notes  need to include the date, student's full name, absence date(s), reason for absence, any accompanying documentation ( doctor note etc.) and the parent/guardian signature.
Automated Absence Calls   Our district has an automated computer system that will call to inform you of your student's absence. The likelihood of this call can be reduced by calling the school office as soon as you know your student will be missing school that day.  
Please call attendance to 858-1900.
Bus Pass Notes   need to include the date, student's full name, Bus Number, Bus Stop address and parent/guardian signature.  It is important for students to submit their notes before school or during lunches, as there is not enough time to properly process the note if students wait until dismissal. Please call 858-1900 for all bus changes.