• Welcome to Fifth Grade


    Students will use science journals to share their learning from two different science kits (Variables and Mixtures and Solutions).  The main focus will be on using the Scientific Method and journaling to answer scientific questions and learn about the world around us.


    Fifth grade students will learn about personal health including physical activity.  We will discover consumer and community health.  Avoiding violence, injury, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, as well chronic or communicable diseases will be covered as well. 

    Fifth graders will also learn about Human Growth and Development.  We will use the KNOW curriculum to deliver state-mandated instruction for HIV/AIDS.  More information on these two units will be sent home prior to instruction.

    Social Studies/ U.S. History

    The History Alive curriculum brings United States history to life for our fifth grade students.  Our units of study begin with the geography of the United States, then moves on to learn about Native Americans throughout our country.  We will discover explorers, settlements, and colonization.  Issues of early slavery will be introduced before we learn about the causes of the Revolutionary War.  Students will learn how our country came to exist with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, fighting the Revolutionary War, and establishing the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Fifth grade students will complete a Social Studies CBA (Curriculum Based Assessment) in May on the civics topic “You Decide.”


    Students in fifth grade will use a variety of reading strategies to read fluently with meaning and purpose.  These strategies will be taught and practiced through our reading series.  Students will apply comprehension and vocabulary to a variety of  literature and genres.  Students are also expected to read for pleasure and choose books based on personal preference, topic, or author.  All students should spend 15-30 minutes reading at home daily.


    Accelerated Reader (AR)

    All fifth graders are expected to read books independently and work towards a reading point goal.  The goal is individualized and based on each student’s independent reading ability.  Most books are AR books.  You can check any book-level on the website arbookfind.com.


    Tool Time

    Students who are reading below grade level will receive additional reading instruction using the Reading Mastery IV or Reading Mastery V curriculum.  Students who are reading at or above grade level will be immersed in extended literary experiences.  Tool Time is in addition to the general reading curriculum.



    Students will follow all parts of the writing process to complete monthly writing prompts.  They will write a variety of narrative, expository, and persuasive selections throughout the school year.  Students will receive instruction in writing skill proficiency as well as insuring that each student can prewrite, draft, revise, edit/proofread, and publish their writing.



    All fifth graders are expected to write neatly.  Cursive handwriting may be encouraged on many assignments.



    Spelling in integrated into all writing assignments.  Students are expected to spell common use words correctly and to use available resources when appropriate.


    Each quarter students will focus on specific math skills.  Problem solving and communication are emphasized in each unit.  Students must use numbers, pictures, and/or words to explain their solutions.

    Quarter 1: Multi-digit Multiplication and Division; Fractions/ Decimals

    Quarter 2: Fractions/ Decimals;

    Probability and Statistics, including graphing

    Quarter 3: Geometry; Algebra (Growth Patterns)

    Quarter 4: Additional Practice of  Key Skills; Introduction to 6th Grade Unit 1


    Memorization of basic math facts is critical. Math is easier for those who know their facts.