Grand Mound Elementary

Aiming for High Achievement

Welcome to Fourth Grade


Students will use science journals to share their learning from two different science kits (Earth Materials and the Human Body).  We will learn while performing several scientific investigations.  Questioning and trying to find solutions will be a big focus during our Science units.


Fourth graders will learn about the three aspects of health: physical, emotional, and family/ social health.  We will also study our bones and muscles and how to keep them healthy and safe.  In addition to these topics, we will also study personal safety in regards to emergency alerts and gangs.  Pollution and its effects on our health will be explored.

 Social Studies/ Washington State History

Our units of study begin with the geography of Washington its regions.  We will also explore early native Americans from our area.  Explorers, fur trappers, missionaries, and pioneers will be explored in depth.  Our main units of study will conclude with the creation of Washington state and the establishment of our local government.

Fourth grade students will explore historical artifacts as they complete a Social Studies CBA (Curriculum Based Assessment) on the topic “”Dig Deep.” 


Students in fourth grade will use a variety of reading strategies to read fluently with meaning and purpose.  These strategies will be taught and practiced through our reading series.  Students will apply comprehension and vocabulary to a variety of  literature and genres.  Students are also expected to read for pleasure and choose books based on personal preference, topic, or author.  All students should spend 15-30 minutes reading at home daily.


Accelerated Reader (AR)

All fourth graders are expected to read books independently and work towards a reading point goal.  The goal is individualized and based on each student’s independent reading ability.  Most books are AR books.  You can check any book-level on the website


 Each quarter students will focus on specific math skills.  Problem solving and communication are emphasized in each unit.  Students must use numbers, pictures, and/or words to explain their solutions.

Quarter 1: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division

Quarter 2: Multi-digit Multiplication; Fractions/ Decimals

Quarter 3: Geometry (Area); Probability and Statistics, including graphing; Time

Quarter 4: Additional Practice of Key Skills; Multi-digit Multiplication/ Division


Memorization of basic math facts is critical. Math is easier for those who know their facts.