• The following information is for reference in the event that the schools are closed/delayed/released early due to
    inclement weather or other emergencies.  IF NO ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE, SCHOOLS AND BUSES WILL BE

    The district will make every attempt to reach a decision on school closures or delays by 6:00am.  When weather or
    other emergency conditions dictate the closure or delayed start of our schools, information will be provided via our
    phone notification system and Seattle TV (KOMO, KING, KIRO and KCPQ) and local radio stations KXXO (MIXX
    96.1FM), KGY (1240AM or 96.9FM), KITI (1420AM or 95.1FM), and KELA (1470AM or KMNT 104.3FM).

      Please do not telephone radio or television stations for this information. 

    School Closure:  When a school is closed all day, any school activities and community events scheduled on that
    school campus are generally cancelled.

    Two-hour delay:  All schools will open two hours late.  Although buses will start their runs two hours later than usual,
    road conditions may cause delays.  Limited transportation will be announced if road conditions cause restrictions in
    designated areas.  If school is open, but you think it would be a danger or hardship for your child to go, school officials
    will accept your judgment.  (It will be treated as an excused absence.)

                 >Breakfast:  If school is delayed two hours or more, breakfast will be cancelled for that day.
                 >Special Education Pre-School:  If school is delayed two hours or more, special education pre-school classes 
                 will be cancelled.

    Snow Routes: Weather conditions make it necessary to modify bus routes, and when that occurs, radio and TV
    stations will be asked to announce the use of “snow routes” or “emergency routes.”

    Early Release: The District will make every effort to operate normally, despite the weather.  On rare occasions,
    however, weather conditions may require schools to be closed early.  In that event, the normal busing sequence will
    be followed, that is, taking the RHS and RMS students home first, followed by RPS and GMES students
    approximately 1 to 2 hours later.  Information about early school closures will be provided via our phone notification
    system and the TV and radio stations listed above. Parents/guardians should plan for adequate home supervision in
    the event that unscheduled early dismissal of students is necessary.   Parents are also asked to remind students to be
    especially careful when walking or waiting for a bus during bad weather. 

    It is everyone’s hope that weather conditions will not disrupt transportation and schools.  Our most critical concern,
    however, is the safety and welfare of our students.


Last Modified on October 25, 2016