Rochester School District

Rochester Schools at the Heart of the Community


6000BP  Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption & Implementation
6020BP  System of Funds and Accounts
6021BP  Inter-fund Loans
6022BP  General Fund Ending Fund Balance
6030BP  Financial Reports
6040BP  Expenditures in Excess of Budget
6100BP  Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources
6102BP  District Fundraising Activities
6111BP  Tuition
6112BP   Rental or Lease of District Real Property
6114BP   Gifts
6114FR.1Donation Agreement
6114FR.2Monetary Donation Agreement
6120BP  Investment of Funds
6210BP  Purchasing-Authorization and Control
6212BP  Procurement Cards
6213BP  Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
6213PR  Reimbursement for Travel Expenses Procedure 
6213FR  Reimbursement for Travel Form
6215BP  Voucher Certification and Approval
6215PR  Voucher Certification and Approval Procedure
6216BP  Reimbursement for Goods and Services Warrants
6220BP  Bid Requirements
6230BP  Relations with Vendors
6240BP  Food and Beverage Consumption
6250BP  Wireless Telephone
6250PR  Wireless Telephone
6500BP  Risk Management
6500PR  Risk Management
6511BP  Staff Safety
6512BP  Infection Control Program
6512PR  Infection Control Program
6513BP  Workplace Violence Prevention
6530BP  Insurance
6535BP  Student Insurance
6540BP  School District's Responsibility for Privately-Owned Property
6570BP   Property and Data Management 
6600BP  Transportation
6605BP  Student Safety Walking Biking and Riding Buses
6605PR  Student Safety Walking Biking and Riding Buses to School
6608BP  Video Cameras on School Buses
6620BP  Special Transportation
6625BP  Private Vehicle Transportation
6640BP  School Owned Vehicles
6690BP  Contracting for Transportation Services
6700BP  Nutrition and Physical Fitness 
6700PR  Nutrition and Physical Fitness 
6800BP  Operations and Maintenance of School Property 
6800PR  Procedure Safety Operations and Maintenance of School Property
6801BP  Capital Assets
6801PR  Capital Assets
6802BP  Small and Attractive Assets
6802PR  Small and Attractive Assets
6810BP  Energy Management Education and Conservation
6881BP  Disposal of Surplus Equipment and-or Materials
6882BP  Sale of Real Property
6883BP  Closure of Facilities
6890BP  State Environmental Policy Act Compliance
6895BP  Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping
6895PR  Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping
6905BP  Site Acquisition
6910BP  Construction Financing
6920BP  Construction Design
6920PR  Procedure Construction Design
6925BP  Architect and Engineering Services
6950BP  Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds and Insurance
6955BP  Maintenance of Record
6959BP  Acceptance of Completed Project
6970BP  Naming Facilities
6971BP  Works of Art
Last Modified on January 12, 2017