• 5-11-2017 Wellness/Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee Minutes

    Wellness/Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee

    May 11, 2017 Minutes District Office Board Room Members Present:
    Aaron Bradford, Food Service GM                                        Matt Ishler, Principal
    Ferol Max, Parent                                                                 Willow Shanahan, Physical Education Teacher
    Kim Fry, Superintendent

    1. Food Service Updates
    Aaron’s update included the following:
    >Menu Item Changes: Only white milk at RPS & GMES to reduce sugar and promote a healthier
    habits. Reduced items that need syrup.
    >The breakfast counts have increased – up 15 per day at RPS.
    >Future Chef Recap – Seven GMES students were invited to prepare their nutritious recipes in the competition at RHS. Students, parents and the judges all enjoyed the experience.
    >Biodegradable trays are being used on Fridays.
    >Menus are now available in Spanish on line and in print form.
    >Despite media reports that imply sweeping changes federal Child Nutrition Guidelines for schools result in only three modifications: We can choose to serve 1% milk, we can file to be exempt from some whole grain requirements, and the sodium levels will stay the same until 2020 rather than decrease next year as scheduled.

    2. Health-Fitness Curriculum Review
    Justin Black, the district’s curriculum and technology director, distributed handouts listing the topics/units of study that will be covered at each grade level in health and fitness/physical education and discussed how they connect to the state’s learning standards. He also reviewed the
    process the district utilizes to review and adopt curriculum standards and materials. Justin explained that reproductive health standards in grades K-4 are covered through the use of plant and insect units. He also informed the group that uniform suicide prevention materials are being
    adopted 5th – HS to ensure greater consistency.

    3. Policy Updates
    Kim provided the latest Nutrition, Health and Physical Fitness model Policy 6700 to the group for their review. Discussion occurred regarding the movement of much of the previous policy’s content to a procedure and wellness plan. The committee provided no additional changes. The Board will have their first reading of the policy in May with adoption anticipated in June.

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