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Welcome to the Rochester School District Use of Facilities website. The district believes that the scheduling of facilities should be fair and equitable, and that public schools are operated by and for the patrons. The district is also obligated to ensure funding intended for educational use is not used for other purposes; therefore, all requesters should be knowledgeable of the facility use procedures, rules, regulations, terms, and conditions available in the documents tab. To access the documents tab click on the FSDirect link below.

An event title must include the following information:

1.       Group or Organization

2.       Gender if applicable

3.       Grade/Age level (i.e. K-3, 7-8, high school, adult)

4.       Type of event (i.e. practice, game, tournament, dinner)

Examples: RHS Girls Basketball Practice, Rochester Youth Football Game Gr. 7-8, Lewis County Wrestling Tournament K-3, Boy Scouts Annual Dinner

Shawna Kiliz
Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 360-273-5536 x1006

Last Modified on May 7, 2014