Principal's Message
Matt Ishler

In 2013, for the first time since state-wide assessments began, the students of Rochester High School performed above the state average in every assessment category. These include Reading, Writing, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and Graduation Rate.

Not coincidentally, RHS has been named a Washington State “School of Distinction” for 2013. This honor is limited to only the top 5% of schools who have shown consistent improvement over five years in reading and math performance. Only two comprehensive high schools in our 44 district ESD earned the distinction this year.

As you all know, these results are no accident. It starts with great parents who care and participate in the education of their children.It continues with primary and elementary school educators who are focused on their students’ futures, even while the students struggle to focus beyond recess.It builds with a middle school staff that patiently keeps the kids moving forward, despite their rapidly changing bodies, the discovery of the other gender, and little idea of how to handle either. And finally, it culminates with a high school staff that continues to challenge and push them, despite their belief that they already know the answers.

Appropriately coming full-circle, this is all made possible by the continued support of district staff, an amazing school board, a fantastic community, and those very parents mentioned above.

We will always have more work to do, but on behalf of our students whose futures are so bright; thank you to everyone whose contributions have made it possible. We know high school is not the conclusion, but just the beginning for these great young people.

"Once a Warrior; Always a Warrior."


Matt Ishler, Principal

Rochester High School: Preparing Skilled Learners and Productive Citizens by Insisting on Student Success