Rochester High School

Insisting on Student Success

Principal's Message
Matt Ishler

Hello Fellow Warriors!

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of this school year and I couldn't be more excited to get going. With all of the learning and work that has occurred over the summer, it is certain to be an excellent year!

This summer has been filled with workshops and trainings for teachers, administrators, and even some of our students. At our ASB retreat, students learned about building a positive and inclusive school environment for one another, how to reduce instances of bullying and how to be effective leaders at school. A group of staff attended a 3-day training in July on eliminating the achievement gap and ways to help more students be and also see themselves as college-career ready. Just this week, our math and science teachers and administrators spent three very full days learning about new research-based instructional strategies in math and science classes.

I share this because it is important for our community to know of all of the summertime work that has gone into making Rochester Schools as safe, welcoming and effective as they can be, and to make sure this year is our best yet!

Rochester High School: Preparing Skilled Learners and Productive Citizens by Insisting on Student Success 

Matt Ishler, Principal