Grand Mound Elementary

Aiming for High Achievement

Principal's Letter Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! Fall weather has certainly made it difficult to give up on all the fun activities of summertime, but here at GMES we are in full swing with teaching and learning.      Parents often ask what they can do to support their student’s learning at home. For all students, reading often with a wide variety of reading material is a sure-fire way to support academic growth. Through exposure to a wide variety and high volume of words, students increase their vocabulary, increase their reading rate (fluency), and become more comfortable with using written material as a knowledge resource. We encourage students to spend at least thirty minutes per night reading. Parents can support this effort by making sure nightly reading becomes a habit and expressing an interest in what your student is reading.      Our website at also provides a variety of links to school programs that students can access from home. Programs such as XtraMath and IXL Math are programs that provide students with extra math practice in the concepts they are learning in class. There are also links to the publisher’s website for our Math Expressions curriculum to support and enrich what students are learning in the classroom. To find out your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader (AR) work, follow this link:      One of the most exciting things about changing our conference schedule to October from November is that staff will have an opportunity to meet with parents early and provide you with ideas and information about your student’s current academic performance and ideas for how to support the learning in individual classrooms at home. All of our students completed an initial academic benchmark test during the first days of school, and results will be shared with families at the October conference. Helping all students improve their personal performance is our focus as a school and a district. As always, if you have questions, my email is below; or contact me at GMES (360)273-5512. Welcome back!! Casey Crawford, Principal